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No matter the day, or the time! Our trucks are on the road until the deliveries are done!

You can count on us to be there within 24 hours if not the same day!

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Whether you need fast service or a great price we are here for you!

Rest assured, you have found the best price and most dependable company for heating oil in Bucks County!

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...never want to run out of oil again!

Set up automatic heating oil deliveries. You won't ever have to worry again!

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Never run out of fuel oil again!

Are you tired of running out of fuel oil? Are you annoyed with always checking your fuel tank gauge or worse... sticking the fuel tank and using conversion charts?

Automatic Delivery is the stress and hassle free way to heat your home and never think about scheduling an oil delivery again!

How does Automatic Delivery work?

Our technology tracks the weather and your usage to let us know how much heating oil your house burns. We will deliver your heating oil before you're even close to running out. This leaves you, our valued customer, with a peace of mind during the most busy time of the year.

Automatic delivery requires a fill up to start the program. This allows our system to track your usage from the top and notifies us when you are up for delivery. This allows you to focus on more important things and lets us worry about your oil! We do our best to time the market and get you the best price. 

Am I Locked in to a price or contract?

Not at all. Companies normally try to lock customers into prices when they are high. They use fear tactics and the opportunity of high prices to make more money off of you. Unlike electric energy, the price of oil always comes back down after a big spike. 

We do not lure you in with a cheap first delivery price and skyrocket the price afterward like the bigger corporations in our region. We have always had the most affordable prices and will continue that honesty throughout the Automatic Delivery Contract. We dare & expect you to check your price against our competitors! That is why Bucks & Montgomery Counties has trusted our family with their Automatic Deliveries for 3 generations. 

Automatic Delivery requires a fill up to start the program. This allows our system to track your usage from the top and notifies us when you are up for delivery. This allows you to focus on more important things and lets us worry about your oil! We do our best to time the market and get you the best price. 

Why should I set up Automatic Delivery?

Those trips to the gas station for diesel are over with!

During volatile times in the market you can sleep soundly knowing that your tank is already full.

Your fuel oil furnace & service man will thank you for not running the system on low oil. Read more about this here



...need delivery TODAY!

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We will be to your home to deliver your fuel oil in several hours!

...need to lower my bills during holiday & winter months

Spread your heating bill out over the course of the year so that you can better budget yourself!

Signup for budget payments here.

Budget payments are the stress and hassle free way to pay your heating oil bill!

You spread your car, mortgage, cell phone and streaming bills monthly... Why not spread your fuel oil costs throughout the year the same way! In monthly installments!

Our Budget payment plan helps you do just that.  Avoiding any unexpected large payments during winter months and the holidays! This helps manage your heating oil costs.

Sign up for Budget Payments today and see the benefits:

It’s FREE – there are no enrollment or sign-up fees, and you can enroll any time.

Save time and money – payments can be automatically deducted from your checking account, eliminating the need to write checks monthly, spend extra money on postage and lost or misplaced bills.

NO HASSLE - Worrying about lost/misplaced bills or unexpected expensive holiday time payments are a thing of the past!

Manage your finances more easily – you’ll know exactly how much you need to budget every month.

How does The Budget Payment Program work?

You will be placed on Automatic Delivery. You can read more about this here.

After your second delivery and a quick analysis of your usage, we determine a monthly payment for your heating oil bills.*

You pay the same amount every month for heating oil throughout the year.

If you have an overpayment at the end of the year, we credit the account.

If you have an underpayment, we bill you for the difference.

* We settle your account annually in the summer.  Your payment will be adjusted (up or down) based on your balance and market trends.

...need help with LIHEAP & Energy Assistance?

Check out our info page on Energy assistance programs. We can help you set it up if you qualify!

Learn more Here.

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Don't get left in the cold because you ran out after the other guys parked their trucks!

Get the best price from a long running dependable company that delivers into the night!

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Bucks County Fuel Oil Delivery Areas

Bensalem, PA - 19020

Bristol, PA - 19007

Chalfont, PA - 18914

Churchville - 18966

Croydon - 19021

Doylestown - 18901, 18902, 18903


Eddington - 19020

Edgely - 19007

Fallsington - 19054

Fairless Hills - 19030

Feasterville - 19053

Hulmeville - 19047

Langhorne – 19047

Levittown - 19054, 19055, 19056, 19057


Morrisville - 19067

New Hope - 18938

Newportville - 19056

Newtown - 18940

New Britain


Penndel - 19047

Richboro - 18954

Rushland - 18956


Southampton - 18966

Trevose - 19053

Warminster - 18974

Warrington - 18976

Washington Crossing - 18977

West Bristol - 19007

Yardley – 19067


    Montgomery County Heating Oil Delivery Areas