Collection: Heating Oil Delivery

Clayton Discount Fuel - Bucks County & Montgomery County Heating Oil

Do you want a better heating oil price?

We offer a 5 cent discount for Cash/Check online orders!

Use the 2nd payment choice at checkout "Cash on Delivery (COD)" to take advantage of this offer!

We will update the price when we call you to confirm your delivery!

We pick up Heating oil #2 fuel from our various suppliers and deliver it directly to you!

We do the shopping around so you don't have to!

We pick up fuel from several heating oil suppliers in Pennsylvania to be able to shop the best price.

Dealing with multiple oil suppliers also ensures us that we can always get fuel for our customers.

It allows us to pick up the fuel at the nearest supplier to cut our costs, ultimately saving you more money!

We deliver fuel oil in all weather conditions 7 days a week more than 12 hours a day during the heating season!

Our drivers are friendly and hospitable!

heating oil bucks county pennsylvania

Our trucks are certified by Bucks County weights & measures every year to ensure compliance.

As our customer, you can be sure that our meter is correctly tuned and the amount you are receiving is what you ordered.